Registration of residence

With the new Law, all foreign citizens are obliged to register and register their stay within 24 hours after entering the country.
If a foreigner resides with a registered accommodation provider (hotel, motel, registered apartments, etc.), the registered accommodation provider is obliged to register and cancel the residence of a foreigner within 12 hours from the moment of registration of the foreigner at the accommodation provider.
If a foreign citizen does not stay with the registered accommodation provider, he / she is obliged to register and cancel the stay within 24 hours from the moment of entry into our territory.
The registered accommodation provider and the Tourist Organization are registering and checking out the stay of foreigners by electronic means, by entering the data into the application RB 90, which is in the possession of the MUP Police Directorate. Exceptionally, if the accommodation provider does not have the possibility to make an application and cancellation of the stay electronically, he can make the application and check out via the relevant Touristic Organization or on the prescribed form, which is then delivered to the police.
The procedure is quick and simple and, when registering a stay, it is necessary to enclose:
1. Passport or other document with which the traveler crossed the border crossing.
2. Data on the landlord – name, surname, jmbg, address and phone number.
3. For real estate owners, a list of real estate is required.

The child’s application and check-out is submitted by a foreign parent, adoptive parent, guardian, foster parent, or the person to whom the child is entrusted with custody, care, education and education.
Failure to observe the obligations prescribed by law in connection with the registration and the cancellation of stay is punishable. The penalty for a legal entity that is obliged to register and cancel the stay of a foreigner is from 500 to 3,000 euros. For a misdemeanor, a responsible person in a legal entity shall also be fined from 150 euros to 500 euros, a natural person who provides accommodation services with a fine from 150 euros to 500 euros, and an entrepreneur with a fine from 300 euros to 1,500 euros. A foreigner shall be liable to a fine from 60 euros to 600 euros if he / she has not fulfilled the legal obligations regarding the registration and cancellation of the stay.
It is important to say that a foreign citizen will not bear legal consequences if the registered accommodation provider or the Tourist Organization does not register his stay with the Police Directorate within the legal deadline and if it was their obligation, then the police officers will in that case issue a misdemeanor order to that responsible legal entity.
The obligation to register and cancel the stay of foreign nationals is the legal procedure applicable in each country.