Your new adventure - Horseback riding

If you think well, riding a horse is very likely the first thing you wanted to try out when you were a kid and when you saw the first Western movie or cartoon Taliban Tom. For mountaineers or experienced riders, a Mount Joy ranch is available, a sports rehabilitation complex located at 1208 meters above sea level in Kosanica. This most famous Montenegrin ranch is 29 km from Pljevlja and only 12 km from the Tara bridge.

Ranc is ready to welcome all lovers of equestrian sports and also with accommodation facilities. After you are fortified in the cottage on the estate, the beauty of the Bitina field, clean and fresh air will convince you that paradise exists on earth. We do not know when it is more beautiful in the spring or autumn, under the sun or snow, through the forests and ramps … but we claim that it is a phenomenal view from the horse’s saddle, when it thinks of a stunning beauty and the smile itself appears as soon as you are in company with these beautiful precious animals.

So organize family, kindergarten, school, friends of unforgettable excursions through the amazing landscapes of Kosanica, in the fresh mountain air. That’s not all, as part of a horse riding tour will have you the opportunity to enjoy even more than that. You will have the opportunity to mix riding with all other fantastic adventures, such as rafting, zip-line, canyonig, jeep safari, biking, paragliding, speleological excursions, reading forest fruits ……

Ranch on Kosanica is also known for hypotherapy-riding a horse as a method of helping children and adults with disabilities (treatment is free)

MOUNT JOY RANCH +382 52 322 467, 068 251 306, 069 489 108