Temple of the Holy Great Martyr George

The Temple of the Holy Great Teacher of Georgia, the municipality of Pljevlja, in 2001 gave to the Mileševskaya eparchy 2.5 hectares of land when the construction of the temple of the Holy Great Martyr Georgy in the Plaka settlement of Guke, which was 600 square meters square, began on May 29, 2011, the patriarch of Serbian Irinej with the archbishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church was the temple of St. George, the second largest in Montenegro when it comes to Orthodox sanctuaries.
On the occasion of the sanctification of the Temple of the Holy Great Martyr Georgy, the National Assembly is traditionally held in the port of the temple, every year in a row, in the last Sunday of May.
Church port is a place where children and parents gather on a daily basis. In order to make the children feel at home and introduce a variety of their game, in August last year, the workers of DOO Čistoća in the port of the building set up a parking gaming cell for children.