Municipium "S"

Excavations of the ancient Roman city are one of the most important archaeological sites in Montenegro

Municipium “S” is the most significant to date found in the rest of the old age, it is the archaeological site of the Roman city, known in the professional language under this name, located 2 km southwest of Pljevlja in the village of Komina. Some scientists believe that one of the largest cities of the Roman province of Dalmatia was located here, whose name is now unknown, but according to the initial km S, the locality is called Municipium S. On several hectares, under a thin layer of soil, lies the contours of the Roman city with ramparts, monumental buildings, streets and necropolises. More detailed archaeological excavations were carried out on only two found necropolises that have been thoroughly studied, and both can date between the second and fourth centuries of our era. They found objects related to Roman religion, culture, economy. The most famous exhibit of the time is the glass of the Diatret, wrapped in a blue glass mesh and the inscription “Vivas Panelleni bona” ​​under the rim. All moving material from this site is located in the local museum in Pljevlja.