If you are a nature and mountain lover, we invite you to one of your main activities to have a bicycle ride and that your driving destination will be the rural area of ​​our municipality, Pljevlja, where 11 cycling routes of 270 kilometers of marked routes are marked with signaling. This form of recreation will enable you to experience the beautiful natural beauty of the environment in which you ride with an unforgettable adventure.

Already a one-day excursion with these roads will fill you with beauty, scents, provide a view from which breathlessness, flowering and the trails of old trade routes, besides the old towns-Koznik, villages and ambient units of ethnographic significance, stops. Whether you are cycling recreational or sports professional, you will have multiple health benefits through this activity. By driving a bicycle, we activate the cardiovascular system, as well as a large group of muscles, which contributes to the health and psycho-physical development of a cyclist.

Mountain biking is a sport almost identical to classical cycling with a difference in the field for driving. Namely, driving such a bicycle is based on driving on mountain, off-road terrains. Unlike road cycling, safety on the mountain and forest paths is much higher. After all, when driving on a road, it can not be very much seen from nature, but only by the road. And the greatest craze is just – in nature.