Many poets drilled her, and the painters painted her beauty.

Ljubišnja with Durmitor and Maglić makes a powerful mountain triangle that is sprinkled with the canyons of Tara, Drage, Piva and Ćehotina. It is a small Ljubišnja (1991m) and Velika Ljubišnja with the highest peak Derečište (2238 m), from which a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and canyons is a wonderful experience for every visitor.

Ljubisha is a wooded mountain covered with meal, spruce and butter, and unlike most of the surrounding mountains that are waterless, Ljubišnja abounds with a large number of springs and springs. The Draga river, which springs below the Ljubišnja Mountains, is particularly attractive, and after about ten kilometers of flow through the magnificent canyon, it flows into Tara. The Drage canyon, at the place Tijesno, is only ten and deeper than 600 meters, making it the Tara canyon after the canyon of the deepest in Europe.