KUKANJ - City of Herceg Stjepan

A dozen kilometers northwest of Pljevlja on the hill Kukanj above the canyon of the river Cehotina are the ruins of a large summer residence of the famous Herceg Stjepan Vukčić-Kosača, from the first half of the 15th century. The town of Kukanj is mentioned several times in the documents located in the Dubrovnik archive.

It was built on the hill above Ćehotina and Kukanj is completely dominated by the environment. Even its ruins are powerful, it is possible to locate towers, observation posts and walls that surrounded the city.

The city had its subfloor in Podkukanj and was the center of contemporary aristocratic culture, a place where the visions were distinguished faces from various sides, among them the Ambassador of the Byzantine Emperor accompanied by the 1423th year.

The fortress was the summer residence of Kosača, especially Sandalj Hranic, which is mentioned in written sources in 1423. Sandal was received several times by Dubrovnik MPs, especially during the Konavle War.

For the Turks, this city was of great importance, and after the conquest of these parts, the Kukanj fort was formed, including Breznica and Pljevlja with its surroundings.