Tara canyon

The Tara canyon is a natural phenomenon and as such represents the tourist and ecological pride of Montenegro

From the Proscenje and the Monastery of Dobrilovina to the Scepan Polje, where Piva makes the Drina, breaking through the steep, often vertical cliffs, Tara has cracked an impressive canyon of 78 kilometers long and a depth of 1000 to 1300 meters (the second canyon in the world after Colorado).

The depths of the canyons, the lush vegetation and the animal world, the beautiful green water, the cleanest in Europe, and the beautiful, mostly unspoiled shores, are classified into the world heritage of natural values ​​and the ecological reserve under the protection of UNESCO. UNESCO calls it “the tear of Europe.”

Even the magnificent, legendary bridge on Đurđević’s Tara is itself a tourist attraction. With its five arches, it represents a true architectural and aesthetic feat. The bridge is 370 meters long, about 160 meters tall, and even 116 meters is the range of its first and most impressive of five arches.