Canyon of river "Draga"

Rijeka Draga springs under the Ljubišnja Mountains, and after about ten kilometers of flow through the magnificent canyon under the village of Zasade, it flows into the Tara River

At a place called Tijesno, the canyon is only ten wide and deep over 600 meters. What makes Drago especially interesting is the fact that it is richer in water in its upper course than at the mouth. The lower part of the Drage River canyon is part of the National Park Durmitor. With this canyon you can reach the Tara River and the famous Drask Springs through the attractive clans from Jelov panj. Canyoning through the river Drago is a paradise for those who are desperate for adrenaline adventures, this end is also a paradise for alpinists, speleologists and paragliding lovers, and here hunting and fishing tourism can be developed … At the beginning of this canyon, an old watercourse is still resistant to weather, which could also be one of the tourist attractions of this region. This canyon is a kind of natural attraction and great eco-potential of pljevaljske tourist offer, with the possibility of an active holiday in nature.