Pljevlja hunting area is one of the most interesting and attractive in Montenegro. In the area of ​​the municipality there are NGOs active in the field of hunting and sports roles: Sport fishing company Lipljen, Sport and fishing club “Ipon” and the Hunting association Pljevlja.

In Pljevlja hunting grounds hunting is limited to the number of game, which should be controlled in order to develop hunting tourism in this area, but also in order to protect the biological diversity of mammals, defined as hunting game.

Based on the guidelines of local and national strategies, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and potentials for tourism development, several sites and zones suitable for the development of hunting tourism have been identified: the area of ​​the mountain Ljubišnje, the area of ​​the mountain Kovač and the villages Kozica and the Kozica river valley, and the river Cehotina it has all the predispositions for the development of fishing tourism as well as the development of sports-recreational tourism on the water. The accessibility of the coast, the characteristics of the flora and fauna and the composition of the fish fund enable the development of these types of tourism.