Excursion site Rudnica

An oasis of peace and greenery, with numerous amenities for active holidays in clean air and in unspoilt nature, is one of the most important city picnics

As in the summer and winter, this natural beauty is enchanting with untouched drinking water sources, a diverse flora and fauna with constant air currents, which are an important thermoregulation factor for which the air is always clean. Thanks to the rich vegetation, which refines it, the air here has the effect of natural aerosol.

Right at this location, every weekend, or, if you are able, on weekdays, you will find fog rescue and enjoy nature, in clean air.
Rudnica has become a favorite gathering place for many pljevljak at all times of the year, especially in winter, so if you do not know where and how to spend your free time, you will not be wrong to go to this place, which only 20 minutes. It is possible to walk uphill, by the way of its own choice – there are plenty of them. Since most people go uphill, walking does not come to mind, it should be said that you can go by car or by bike.

In addition to an imposing panoramic view of Pljevlja and its surroundings, this resort offers the possibility of long relaxing walks, family trips as well as the opportunity to relax from the city bustle without much previous preparation and periphery around the arrival to the picnic area. Walking enthusiasts in nature have the possibility of walking along trails of different lengths, while you can also ride bicycles or car through the beautiful nature to the nearby villages.

When is a nice time and a clear view, from the Rudnica, you can easily see the area of ​​Pljevlja municipality, you can clearly see the mountain Ljubišnja, the slopes of Durmitor, and towards the west is Bosnia and the slopes of Volujak, Sutjeska etc. Because of the unusually beautiful landscape Rudnica is an inspiration for painters and photographers. Forerunners usually decide on a walk to nearby hamlets or on the road leading to the border with Serbia.

The area is rich in hunting game. Also, a large number of medicinal herbs, forest fruits: blueberries, wild strawberries and blackberries, edible mushrooms, is often the motive of visiting excursions, as well as more and more frequent “barbecue blasting” on the surrounding meadows. In recent years, the conditions have been slowly created to make this area a sporting and tourist destination, building infrastructure and setting up a motel for staying in nature.

Sport-tourist destination, for the reason that at the end of August in the beginning of September there is a mountain car race race Dajević Han-Rudnica. Rudnica is a very interesting destination ideal for the development of rural tourism. For many, in one of the ideal destinations, we could certainly count this quiet place with beautiful, unspoilt nature.

Last winter, Rudnica was so visited, that some winter tourist centers could have been invigorated. What lacked visitors in this oasis of peace is a warm corner, a cup of tea or coffee, a place for rest ….

Thanks to Rovčanin’s family, this is no longer a shortcoming, they are guided by the wishes of the citizens who visit the Rudnica, realized the idea for obtaining a work permit for the rural household, and the building is categorized as one star.

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