Church of Saint Petka

The main city church, the masterpiece of modern Orthodox architecture

Church of St. Petka – is a city church, built in 1927. Date October 27th is the Orthodox feast of St. Petka and since the past it has great significance for Pljevlja and pljevlja. Namely, that date 1912. Pljevlja was liberated from the Turks, after many centuries of slavery. Again, on the same date 1918, the city was liberated from the Austro-Hungarian authorities, at the end of World War I. In 1925, the construction of a temple at the Crossroads, at the corner of the then-street Princ Djordje (now Trsova) and Grujicic’s Sokak (now on December 1) began. The church was built exclusively by voluntary contributions. The main master was Maksim Backovic. It was celebrated in 1927, on the day of St. Petka.